If you're like me, you were totally blown away by the Lord of the Rings movies. Through this appreciation for the movies there has been a rise in the number of people wishing to get a tattoo in one of the Elvish scripts that J.R.R. Tolkien created. The Tengwar as it's known, is the script in which the Elvish languages are written in both in the books and the movies. If you're looking to have your name or a particular quote or phrase written in this text, this Tengwar transcription service is for you!

How It Works

Wanting to have my own tengwar tattoo as accurate as possible, I decided that rather than trust some random translation or transcription by someone online, I'd spend a little time learning how to do it for myself so that whatever I ended up getting inked wouldn't be wrong. I found that many translate english names or phrases using the Quenya or Sindarin modes of the script (which are meant to be used when dealing with Quenya or Sindarin names/phrases), which technically rearrange the letters so when you read it from tengwar to english, the name/words are garbled - not what you want if immortalising this on your body somewhere! These modes are fine when you've got someone to translate your English phrase into either of the Elvish languages of Quenya or Sindarin which are incomplete, but if you're using a whole and complete English phrase on its own, you really need to be using the English mode of the Tengwar to write it properly.

Note that we're talking about transcription (writing) of English to Tengwar and not translation to an Elvish language, either Quenya or Sindarin. Quenya and Sindarin are the languages spoken, whereas Tengwar is the script (ABCs) it is written in. The following example will hopefully make this clear. The word 'Farewell' when translated into Quenya is 'Namárie' - 'Namárie' is therefore 'farewell' written in the English script. Written in the Elvish Tengwar script, 'Namárie' would look like this:

This is the word 'Namárie' written in the Tengwar script (english mode). This would be incorrect, because Namárie is Quenya and not English. The incorrect mode means that the vowels are arranged differently. Note how it differs from Namárie written in the Quenya mode of the Tengwar below:
This is the word 'Namárie' written in the Tengwar script (quenya mode).
A simple example of one word in both scripts:

T e n g w a r

This is the word 'tengwar' written in the English script.
This is the word 'tengwar' written in the Tengwar script (english mode).

This of course is all subject to preference in the end, and if you'd like to have an Elvish word (either in Quenya or Sindarin) transcribed to Tengwar using an English mode, it's entirely up to you. I just wouldn't feel comfortable not explaining the difference to you if the produced phrase was intended for a tattoo and you thought you were getting an Elvish word permanently inked onto your skin when 9 times out of 10 it'll be an English word in Elvish script. This is a letter-for-letter transcription and not a phonetic (how the letters/words sound) transcription. To be clear, I do not translate your English phrases into an Elven language, I write your given choice in the Elven script.

Get Transcribed!

For a small fee, I'll gladly transcribe your name or chosen phrase, etc. in Tengwar. I specialise in English --> Tengwar, but if you happen to have anything already translated into Quenya or Sindarin and would like to have it transcribed, we can also perform Quenya --> Tengwar and Sindarin --> Tengwar either with the appropriate mode or our standard English mode. Whatever you choose, we'll supply you with the transcribed name, word or phrase, and an explanation of how to read it. If you've read this and still have questions, feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Your Name: £5
Phrase of 5 - 10 words: £10
Phrase of 10 - 20 words max: £15


The following are important points to take on board before either ordering or doing anything with your order which may have lasting effects.

* This language is invented & incomplete! Please bear this in mind when considering the end result, particularly since there are so many variations and interpretations out there. I've made clear on this site how I transcribe from English to Tengwar and this is exactly what you will get.
* Tattoos are permanent! ALWAYS check & double-check before having it inked; as with anything involving tattoos, once it's done you can't take it back so be sure first! If you're ever in any doubt about my work, please check it against other sites to ensure it's as accurate as you want BEFORE having any work done.
* Tattoos are an artistic expression and a very personal thing. This site, nor I are not encouraging or urging you to get a tattoo in any way, but appreciate completely that they are the bearer's choice.